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Fine Dining at Cafe Vermilionville with Chef Patrick Waters

The kitchen inside a building that predates the Civil War is where you will find the Manhattan born, Southern trained and New Orleans proven Chef Patrick Waters.  Waters was recently promoted to Executive Chef by Cafe Vermilionville’s owners Ken and Andrea Veron.  The Verons’ and Waters’ blend old school and modern with a menu half dedicated to Cajun and Creole classics and half featuring seasonal chef creations.

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Beef Carpaccio- Thin sliced prime tenderloin, shoestring potatoes, english cucumbers, w/ chive and white truffle oil

Cafe Vermilionville Executive Chef Dining Room of Cafe Vermilionville Lafayette LA

exterior of Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette LA

Seafood Lafayette LA

Macadamia Crusted Scallops w/ Celeriac Puree, brussels sprout chips, white truffle oil, smoked paprika and tomato aioli.

Before it was Cafe Vermilionville, the building was home to Lafayette’s first singles bar, Judge Roy Bean’s.  Stories from the days of late night dancing and chandelier swinging good times are fondly recalled by those who were there and others wishing they had been.  Not long after the bar closed in 1981, Cafe Vermilionville opened it’s doors with Ken Vernon Sr. and Charlie Goodson (Judge Roy Bean’s manager) at the helm.  In 1985 the pair opened a second location called Charley G’s.  That was also right around the time oil companies started to leave Lafayette, forcing the pair to go their separate ways.  Both restaurants managed to survive the tough times and maintain their fine dining status.  Now almost thirty-three years later, the senior Veron has stepped back allowing his son and daughter-in- law to carry on the tradition of good food and good times.

Pan Seared Amberjack Matt Montcalm works the grill station at Cafe Vermilionville LA

Chef Patrick Waters plates a dish during dinner Dessert Cart at Cafe Vermilionville LA

dinner entree at Cafe Vermilionville LA

Roasted Lamb Rack w/ Roquefort and Walnut Pierogies, roasted garlic, sauteed red oak, and white balsamic gastrique drizzle


Cafe Vermilionville owners, Ken and Andrea Veron

The bar room (now with it’s own menu) is dark, welcoming, and nostalgic, while the window-walled, fireplace encompassing dining room is a beautiful place to eat day or night.

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Foie Gras PB&J- seared foie gras on brioche w/ cashew butter and Primo’s Farmer’s Daughter pepper jelly

dining room at Cafe Vermilionville LA outdoor seating at Cafe Vermilionville LA

bar at Cafe Vermilionville

Bartender, Bekah Langlinais talks with Chef Patrick Waters before dinner service

dessert in Lafayette LA

Carrot Cake off of Dessert Cart menu.

 Cafe Vermilionville

1304 W. Pinhook

Lafayette, LA 70503


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