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Sarah McIntosh Creates a Gathering Market for the Community: bringing beautiful food, products and interior design together at Epicerie Cafe and Grocery.

Épicerie Cafe + Grocery is a 60-seat casual restaurant & grocery nestled in Austin’s Rosedale neighborhood off Hancock Street. This cozy cafe is the brainchild of Sarah McIntosh and specializes in French & Louisiana inspired cuisine. Sarah comes to the neighborhood with many years of cooking & experience from refined restaurant kitchens like Ad Hoc, Olivia and Jeffrey’s.cured salmon cream cheese, dill, pickled radish, egg, red onion, rye breadnoble maple syrup, french baguette

While epiceries are very common in France and serve as a neighborhood community center for gathering, they are also common in Louisiana, where Sarah grew up. And a neighborhood community cafe is exactly what she dreamed of creating one day. “I think epiceries in general have a lot of soul and heart, and that’s really what we wanted to create here. We wanted to have really great food that doesn’t have to be really high end, but really delicious and really thoughtful.” This place is just that. People can walk up for a long afternoon and beautiful meal or grab a coffee and baguette to go.fresh jams, baguette

While Épicerie is most known as a restaurant offering lunch and dinner, and featuring soups, salads, snacks, sandwiches and entrées. {Plus, brunch on Sunday’s!} It also serves as a quality market + grocery style cafe, offering customers a selection of nearly 60 cheeses, a dozen charcuterie meats and a handful of fresh pastries everyday. Sarah also stocks the market with an impressive variety of  artisan products, such as hand selected sweet honey, gourmet jams, American sea salt, fine wines, handmade soaps and a number of other gourmet goods such as coffee and spices. “All of these products are things that I really love and have learned about working in kitchens across the nation,” she says. “I wanted to bring them all to one place, and I’m glad that I finally get to do that here.” And if meats or products aren’t what you need, customers can always walk-in for local brewed coffee and simply order from the more casual counter-service to sit or go.

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Breads, French Baguettes

The interiors are undeniably beautiful. Sarah brought her dream of a local austin epicerie to life by collaborating with Michael Hsu, a local architectural firm known for creating beautifully designed restaurants like Olivia, Uchi, Sway, P. Terry’s and a number of other Austin hospitality concepts. You’ll understand why Hsu is so respected and sought after when you walk into this 1930s-style bungalow house and notice the impressive features, yet subtle details in things like light fixtures, colors, counter tops, and dining room furniture.

local coffee, cold press coffee

The thing that get’s Sarah most excited for the late summer and fall is simply the art teaching others. That’s what she’s always been passionate about. Whether it’s simply educating her customers on quality product, introducing them to new foods or offering staples that keep them coming back wanting more and new options. {And bringing friends.} Her desire is to have a common place for quality, learning and enjoyment. Not to mention beautiful interiors and stunning food.

Michael Hsu Interiors & design, Austin

As far as finding her inspiration and the new offerings she’ll provide in the months to come, she says she often finds that inspiration when she’s most hungry and itching to expand from the known. That’s when her creative juices flow the most. So stay tuned for what she creates next. And in the meantime, stop by the market and enjoy the delightful food & cozy cottage on Hancock Street.

And now you know that if you’re looking for a place to grab a bottle of wine, get some great cheese, hang out for a coffee meeting and spend all afternoon indulging in a fine charcuterie plate, you’ll want to find yourself at Épicerie.

Fine wine, copper cups, coffeecharcuterie plate, Austin

Epicerie | Cafe + Market

2307 Hancock Drive

Austin, Texas 78756



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