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At Social Southern Table & Bar, Be Real. Eat Good.  A Simple Philosophy of Friends and Food.

Upon entering Social Southern Table & Bar, you have a decision to make….go left or go right, restaurant seating or communal pub tables.  There is a third option too…straight to the bar.  No matter where you decide to perch for the duration of your stay at Social Southern Table & Bar, you will be able to see into the kitchen and watch the flames of the wood burning oven, while servers and bartenders buzz about in their checkered button downs and suspenders.  Be ready for an overwhelming menu of great beers (many of which are not found anywhere else in town), house concocted beverages, and wines.

Social entrance and host stand Social Animal Cocktail from Social Southern

Beer Flight from Social Southern Communal Pub Tables in Social Southern


Bartender Pours a cocktail at Social Southern

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

Wood-Fire Oven at Social Southern Dining at Social Southern

wood fired flat bread

Flatbread- Leeks, Manchego, Benton’s Aged Country Ham, Fried Local Quail Egg, Garlic Confit

And then there’s the food, most of which is made in house from the pickles to the sandwich bread. The soft spoken, food excited chef Marc Krampe and his staff have fun putting their own twist on Southern food. Krampe studied at Le Cordon Bleu before working his way up in the Austin restaurant scene for a decade. His recent return to his childhood home of Lafayette is a great addition to the growing and evolving culinary community here. I’d say more about the food, but a dish like smoke fried chicken with foie gras biscuits and a drizzle of ghost pepper infused honey sort of speaks for itself.
Chef Marc Krampe Chef Marc Krampe talks with wait staff.

Grilled Romaine Salad

Social Wedge- grilled romaine, baby tomatoes, spanish blue crumble, bacon, creamy smoked garlic dressing

Little Sandwich

Pork Belly Sliders- kimchee aioli, pickled mushroom & onion relish, sweet roll

Fried Quail

Crispy St. Landry Quail- Louisiana raised semi boneless coturnix quail wingettes & drumettes, chili mint glaze

Social Southern dinner quests and wait staff Creole Rueben, corned beef.

Moonshine dessert

Mayhaw ‘Moonshine’ Mille-Feuille: Mayhaw custard w/mayhaw moonshine syrup layered on puff pastry

dessert at Social Southern

Carrot Cake w/ Buttermilk glaze

Krampe and his business partners Charlie Goodson (Charley G’s) and Jody Fergueson (Casa Ole of Acadiana) had their crew gut the building before construction started on Social. This allowed the two restaurateurs and chef to turn what used to be the Chinese restaurant, Canton City Inn, into their vision for a Lafayette gastropub. The doors have been open since the end of January and they have received great support from a community hungry for something new and exciting in this small foodie town.

Restaurant construction

Chef Marc Krampe stands in the space that is now the bar seating area of Social Southern Table and Bar

Great Restaurant Marketing Idea

Social PO Boxes at the front of the restaurant are filled each month with a special beer, wine, or food, plus flavor notes, recipes and pairing suggestions from Chef Marc Krampe. Members pay a monthly fee to have a PO Box and are also invited to special events and tastings at Social throughout the year.

Exterior of Social Southern, Lafayette, LA

Social Southern Table & Bar

3901 Johnston St.

Lafayette, LA 70503


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Denny Culbert is a freelance photographer with experience in food photography in the New Orleans, Lafayette, LA area.  For more information or to inquire about being showcased for The Spoon Feeds in these cities please visit his website or email him at:


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