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Raleigh’s Vegetarian Tales get a Fresh story line from The Fiction Kitchen

“Food is my only Art.”  Caroline Morrison’s best ‘Nom’-Fiction.

I don’t believe it.  Even though I only met her an hour before…I know that when she makes this statement, she is selling herself short.  It can’t be.  There is way too much color and creativity that surrounds.  There is more than ‘Food as Art’ that is happening here, and maybe Caroline’s emphasis comes from more of the Chef/Kitchen perspective, allowing other artistic endeavors and decisions to be taken up by partner Siobhan Southern.  But what the two have created with The Fiction Kitchen tells fables beyond the storyline of Food.

Let’s start with business.  Business as Art.  Recognizing a void in a niché market of Vegetarian Restaurants in Raleigh and making the strides to turn an idea and passion into a reality.  That’s Artful.  Having the where with all to not dive head first into a high risk business with a high failure rate but rather, dipping toes with smaller brunches and pop ups, testing the market, evaluating the response, using the collective power of social media and crowd sourcing to not only spread the word of your plans but to help raise funds to do so.  That’s Artful.  Making the commitment to participate and help build a community of business partners that need each other for survival.  Placing your business in an up and coming section of town only minutes from daily available fresh produce.  That’s Artful.  Besides, Art is more than what is produced as an end product.  Real Art, in my opinion, is more about the manner in which the creation is made.  The Art, is the living…the breathing.

A young girl walks into a restaurant.  She wears a pony tail and carries a couple of fresh blooms.  She is surrounded by wonderful colors and artwork with fictional characters: gnomes, circus performers and a red fox whom holds keys to this mysterious mecca.  She asks aloud if the restaurant is open and notices plates of food set aside for photography.  With a positive reply she summons an adult inside from a parked car.  The two explore the visual fodder as it is explained that this young sprite is pondering the decision of becoming vegetarian and to no longer eat animals.  They ask about the specific dishes waiting their glamor shots and  the young girl allows the photographer to borrow her bouquet to decorate an angle for an image of the daily salad special.  The two get seated and explore further as the chef makes an appearance to their table to help explain some of the dishes.  Providing a colorful, delicious, first hand shared opportunity to potentially sway a young mind into a lifestyle choice…Pure Art.

The Fiction Kitchen Locavore Salad

Butter Head Lettuce, Mixed Greens w/ Beets, Cucumbers, Pistachios, Sea Salt, Truffled Chive Vinaigrette

Interior of Fiction Kitchen

Don’t be fooled by the setting of this tale…it may seem make believe but the food is Non-Fictional, honest.  The real deal.

Fiction Kitchen Appetizer

Spring Rolls w/ Spicy Peanut Sauce

Vegetarian Tofu

Sweet Potato Sushi Rolls w/ Sashimi Tofu


Sashimi Tofu The Fiction Kitchen, Raleigh NC, Vegetarian Restaurant

As I rolled my cart into The Fiction Kitchen for our scheduled shoot the ear hairs that I try my darnedest to keep trimmed were blown back by the sonic onslaught of Metal (with a capital ‘M’) blaring from the speakers of the restaurant.  I suppose pre-guest dinner prep gets a boost from the most excellent mix of the classic masters of riff-ology and newer style screaming banshees.  I’m immediately taken back to my mullet donned days when Metallica’s “One” finds it’s way into the rotation and as Lars begins his notable double bass drum march, the bartender, knowingly or not, mixes a filled shaker, mimicking the sounds of mixed ice to that of Lars’ staccato beat, if only for a moment.

beverages at Fiction Kitchen, Raleigh NC Dinning Room, Vintage Tables at Fiction Kitchen, Raleigh NC

Fiction Kitchen, Farmer's Plate Special

The Farmer’s Plate (Special)-Faucette Farms Cornmeal Crusted Tofu w/ Sweet Chili, Sauteed Joseph Field Farms Tatsoi and Braised Calypso Beans

Raleigh Vegetarian Restaurant

BBQ Pulled ‘Pork’ w/ Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Caroline Morrison, The Fiction Kitchen decor at the Fiction Kitchen

Fiction Kitchen Dessert

Vegan Cheesecake w/Oreo Crust and Strawberry Coulis

The Fiction Kitchen

428 S. Dawson St.

Raleigh, NC 27601


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Mark Petko is a freelance photographer specializing in food photography in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina area.  For more information or to inquire about being showcased on The Spoon Feeds please visit his website or email him



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