The Hospitality Sweet | Dallas, TX | Meghan Adams

Meghan Adams bakes up a new shop in downtown Dallas

The Hospitality Sweet is a new treasure tucked into the busy hustle & bustle of downtown Dallas, nestled on the first floor of the old post office, just blocks from the Arts District. With white walls, beautiful high ceilings, and open windows, it’s a treat for the eyes, nose and stomach! From the moment you walk in, you’re overwhelmed with the warm goodness in the design; the fresh smell of coffee grounds; and the undeniable combination of sugar, flour and the ever changing addition of chocolate, berries or frosting. Owner and creative genius, Meghan Adams was generous enough to sit down with me, along with the kind and endearing Hope Duffy. Meghan’s story includes years of catering, dreams of a bakery and many months of hard work in order to launch The Hospitality Sweet, but her success in just the last 2 months since opening her doors, was something she never dreamed! With residents from the downtown buildings filling her morning breakfast orders; to business meetings being held over lunchtime with her delicious sandwiches and salads; to the individuals that pop in throughout the day for lattes, muffins, cupcakes or even just a french macaroon – The Hospitality Sweet has landed in good company. A big thank you to Meghan and Hope, thank you for opening up your space for all of us to enjoy! Enjoy the images below, and stop in soon!!

Blueberry Muffins from The Hospitality Sweet, Dallas, TX.Chocolate Muffins and Blueberry Muffin from The Hospitality Sweet in Dallas TX.Turkey Sandwich from The Hospitality Sweet in Dallas TXCoffee from The Hospitality Sweet Dallas TXCoffee in Dallas TXInterior of The Hospitality Sweet in Dallas TX

Interior of The Hospitality Sweet Dallas TXMacaroon and Dessert in Dallas TX at The Hospitality SweetDallas TX downtown bakerySweet Treats in Downtown Dallas TXWhite chocolate baked treats at The Hospitality Sweet in Dallas TX


The Hospitality Sweet

400 North Ervay | Suite 175

Dallas, TX 75201

Café | 214.999.6704

Weddings & Catering | 214.717.8092

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Claire McCormack is a freelance photographer with experience in food photography in the Dallas-Austin, TX area.  For more information or to inquire about being showcased for The Spoon Feeds in these cities please visit her website or email her at:

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