Videri Chocolate Factory | Raleigh, NC

From Bean to Bar and Seemingly More, Videri has Chocolate Covered

Chocolate covered marshmallows. Chocolate covered caramels.  Chocolate colored bins filled with colorful chocolate bars creates a chocolate filled wall behind a large chocolate bar.  

It’s summertime and the morning is bright. Stroller pushing mothers surrounded by excited young tykes meet at the front door and before one of them takes…one…step…further…into Videri Chocolate Factory, she looks across the counter and asks aloud, “Is this a nut free environment?”  Poised and ready for a quick exit, should her daughter begin to bulge at the eyes.  Sam Ratto, one of the owners of Videri proudly answers…”Completely nut free and entirely safe…actually…this is probably the only completely nut free chocolate facility in the state.”  Mom relaxes, inhales deep into her lungs a waft of chocolate steeped air, exhales with a blissful smile, and the summertime field trip resumes.  Esse Quam Videri…

“To Be, Rather Than To Seem”

Not only the North Carolina State motto but also the inspiration behind the naming of Videri Chocolate Factory.  After stoking their passions in chocolate making at another artisan chocolatier, Sam Ratto and wife Starr Sink-Ratto teamed up with friend Chris Heavener to open up shop with the goal to create the best chocolate they could in the most responsible manner possible, and to make that process an everyday occurrence, visible to anyone that is interested in watching as it happens.  

Videri in Italian means ‘To See’…so go…see…

Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker

Artisan Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Confections

Chewy Salted Caramel

Videri Chocolate Co-owner, Sam Ratto with Son Stacked Bags of Cocoa Beans

Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory in Raleigh NC

Ingredients for artisan chocolate

Videri Chocolate Bars Packaging

from Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh NC

Pink Peppercorn Chocolate Bars

Retail Chocolate Display

Working at Videri Chocolate Factory

Decor at Videri Chocolate Cafe Serving Stumptown Coffee at Videri Chocolate Factory

At Videri Chocolate, not only can you visit the Factory and watch as the chocolate making process happens but they also recently expanded with the addition of a coffee bar, that serves Stumptown Coffee.  By pairing their chocolate with Stumptown coffee, Videri Chocolate offers customers another avenue for enjoying their creations.  They have also been making upgrades to their patio area, which is probably one of the city’s most overlooked spots for outdoor enjoyment.  

Chocolate Bars ready for packaging

Chocolate Confections from Videri in Raleigh

Espresso Ganache and Chocolate Covered Marshmallow

Artisanal Chocolate Maker

(L to R): Classic Dark Chocolate Ganache, Roasted Banana Truffle, Orange Brandy

Raleigh Warehouse District Cafe at Videri Chocolate in Raleigh

Videri Chocolate Bars

Videri Chocolate Bar Packaging

Two Bars per Box

From bean to bar, Videri Chocolate is handmade.  The cocoa beans are hand sorted to ensure that only the best quality beans are used.  Sam takes ownership of product from start to finish and enjoys playing an active role in the chocolate’s creation.  The bars of chocolate are packaged by hand and numbered for tracking and quality control.

Raleigh Chocolate

Each Edition is Numbered

Sea Salt Chocolate

(backside of): Sea Salt Chocolate Bar from Videri

Videri Chocolate Factory

327 W. Davie St., Sweet 100

Raleigh, NC 27601


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